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Kashmiri Red Khubani/Dried Kashmiri Apricots

Kashmiri Apricot

Kashmiri Apricot (Dried Khubani) 100% Organic | Dry Apricot Benefits

Kashmiri Apricot (Dried Khubani) 100% Pure. Dry Apricot Benefits: Kashmiri Apricot contains Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Iron, and Vitamin C.

Khubani Apricots are brilliant organic products wealthy in flavor and pleasantly fragrant. The dried apricot is acquired by drying out the organic product by natural means to advance the flavor without diminishing any of its nutritive substance. Seedless Kashmiri dried Apricots are known for their quality, taste, and medical advantages. These are grown in the region’s locales of Ladakh. Dry Khubani are the most nutritive, delightful, and monetarily significant fruit. These pitted apricots are delicate and yummy enough to fulfill your taste buds.  Kashmir Box brings to you the rich and scrumptious apricots from the ranches of Kashmir and Ladakh, which got dried out normally (sun-dried) and saved in the best quality guidelines. Appreciate the pleasantness and advantages these round brilliant orange eye delights have to bring to the table.

Why Kashmiri Khubani are unique?

Kashmiri apricots are small, golden-orange fruits with velvety skin. Its flesh is not too juicy but smooth and sweet. Its flavor is almost musky, with a tartness that is more pronounced when the fruit is dried. The fruit is said to have been first cultivated in India around 3000 BC and is today popularly grown in Kashmir. The dried version, called Khumani, has a longer shelf life with all health benefits associated with the fruit.

14 Health Benefits Of Kashmiri Apricot Kashmiri Khubani/Dried Apricots

Dried Kashmiri apricots are supposed to be one of the important dried fruits because it contains Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Iron, and Vitamin C. It helps in the pregnancy as it is an essential supplement.

Some of the top benefits include:-

1. Blood coagulation: Vitamin K is a nutrient found in dried apricots that helps improve blood thickening. These nutrient aides stop excessive bleeding.

2. Building muscles: The potassium contained by dried apricots helps in improving metabolism, just as the capacity of organs and tissues. This is significant for ordinary body development and muscle working, just as the guideline of the corrosive levels in the body. It is likewise helpful for protein union.

3. Hypertension control: Potassium in dried apricots is multiple times more than the sum in bananas. It contains just a hint of salt, which helps keep the pulse down. It likewise ensures the body against heart infections.

4. Skin Glow improvement: The oil from dried apricots is helpful for skincare. It helps make the skin smooth and sparkling. It tends to be a decent solution for sore ears, also. The juice of dried apricots can help treat tingling brought about by dermatitis, burn from the sun, and scabies. It helps deal with numerous other skin issues.

5. Respiratory improvement: Eating a couple of bits of dried apricots would already be able to bring about constructive outcomes on respiratory issues. The dried variation goes about as an expectorant. It additionally has animating impacts. With these characteristics, dried apricots are a protected method of diminishing pressure and pressing factors from the respiratory plot. It forestalls asthma assaults, too.

6. Hemoglobin Production: The iron and copper in dried apricots produce hemoglobin that can help in its extra creation. Adding the natural product into the eating routine of a sickly understanding can help improve their condition.  Still, it is wise to consult a doctor first to get proper treatment.

7. Great vision: Dried apricots contain Vitamin A also. It is the nutrient for great vision. This nutrient is additionally an incredible cancer prevention agent, assisting the body with disposing of free extremists. It likewise keeps up the wellbeing of cells and tissues. The dried organic product is viewed as ideal for solid eyes since it contains zeaxanthin, a cell reinforcement fundamental for light sifting capacities.

8. Manage heartbeat: Another advantage of the potassium in dried apricots is its capacity to control legitimate liquid equilibrium. It helps in directing heartbeat and keep up legitimate muscle capacities.

9. Advantages during pregnancy: Infertility, spasm, and fits are potential issues during pregnancy. These can be restored by eating dried apricots, which can likewise be utilized for relieving vaginal contaminations. Dried apricots are viewed as homegrown medication for pregnancy. They can be burned modestly by lactating or pregnant moms. They can fill in as bites also.

10. Stomach Cleaning: Dried apricots go about as a gentle diuretic for the stomach-related lot. As a purgative, it assists flush with trip undesirable squanders. Another advantage of dried apricots as a purgative is that it responds to stomach related juices. Its response delivers a basic climate to clean the stomach.

11. Decrease of fever: You can dilute dried apricots with some honey and water to reduce fever. It can likewise give alleviation from thirst.

12. Absorption improvement: Eating dried apricots before supper can help animate processing. With the soluble base that it contains, dried apricots can kill acids. Dried apricots can be taken before a feast in instances of acid reflux. You should go to a specialist for a careful assessment.

13. Constipation treatment: Dried apricots contain gelatin and cellulose. Gelatin keeps up the water levels in the body during blockage, while cellulose goes about as insoluble fiber.

14. Curing Anemia: An excellent wellspring of iron, dried apricots are helpful in battle with anemia. They contain iron-engrossing copper too.

Why Should You Buy From Us?

We are providing you pure Kashmiri products directly from farmers with no middlemen interaction and extra charges. We have the setup of genuine prices. With this experience, we have had the opportunity to provide a product line that is of the Highest Quality and Lowest Price. We are selling directly from Kashmir, so you get great quality products at lower costs.

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